Amsterdam Life Sciences District

The Amsterdam Life Sciences District is developing fast. A city famed for its openness is witnessing close cooperation between medical companies and medical institutions. The culture of open innovation is unique to the Amsterdam Life Sciences District. Companies have literally and metaphorically the space to grow while staying close to the Amsterdam UMC. The location is ideal. The proximity of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport ensures the Amsterdam Life Sciences District is connected to the world.


The Amsterdam Life Sciences District is characterised by its vibrant ecosystem. The idea of bold entrepreneurs and prominent scientists inspiring each other fits in well with a modern city like Amsterdam.
It is a place where companies dare to link up together and become stronger in the process. And where established companies can expand and send their innovations all over the world. Ahti (Amsterdam health & technology institute) is a key player in this process. Another important part of the ecosystem is made up of companies operating in the fields of med-tech, e-health and gene therapy, and academic institutions focused on the fields of cardiovascular disease, oncology, neurology and immunology. Both startups and major concerns are attracted by the power and dynamism at the heart of the Amsterdam Life Sciences District.

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Dutch capital is a multicultural metropolis with all the services that this has to offer. Amsterdam is known around the world for its tolerance.
Its guiding principle is that everyone in the city can be themselves. It is no wonder then that the numerous visitors from abroad feel comfortable and safe in the city and return year after year. Residents are also used to welcoming international visitors to their city. English is spoken and understood throughout the city. Amsterdam boasts a beautiful old city centre, while other attractions include the home football club, Ajax. Over 2,4 million people live in the metropolitan region of Greater Amsterdam.

Facts and Figures Amsterdam Life Sciences District

In the larger Amsterdam Metropolitan Area you can find: