Rent Space


Space is a scarce commodity in Amsterdam. This makes it even more remarkable that there is still an abundance of space to build in the Amsterdam Life Sciences District. Due to recent developments there are 100,000 sq m (1,100,000 sq ft) worth of vacant lots still available. These spacious plots can quickly become operational and can be divided up in various ways.

Multiple-occupancy buildings offer startups just what they need. These spaces are affordable and immediately available. The Amsterdam Health & Technology Center (AHTC) provides a hub for all kinds of health and care related organisations. The AHTC comprises no less than 29,000 sq m (315,000 sq ft) of space.

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Facts & Figures Amsterdam Life Sciences District

Life Sciences

One of the organisations based in the Amsterdam Life Sciences District is the Amsterdam UMC, a hospital group of international renown. It provides the patient care typical of a university medical centre, engages in research and offers talent the opportunity to grow.

Innovation is quickly introduced to patient care. The presence of numerous academic institutions and innovative business in the Amsterdam Life Sciences District brings patient care, life science research and entrepreneurship together in a unique way.