Hep-Art Medical Devices B.V.

Hep-Art has developed a robust bio-artificial liver system, the AMC-BAL, to support end stage liver failure (ESLF) patients like acute liver failure (ALF) and acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF) to liver recovery or to the moment of donor-liver availability. The AMC-BAL is an extracorporeal supportive device that treats the plasma of the patients and temporarily replaces liver functions. The core of the system is a bioreactor that is loaded with the HepaRG human liver cell line. The power of the current HepaRG-based AMC-BAL system is advocated by a study in rats with ALF showing substantial increased survival time. We are currently preparing a first clinical trial with the HepaRG-AMC-BAL in patients with ACLF.

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r.a.chamuleau@amc.uva.nl – Robert Chamuleau
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